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Celebrating New Orleans' best meal of the day.


The New Orleans Brunch Club started in 2009 with simple roots: Two friends enjoying a simple Sunday brunch. It has since grown in size and ambition. No longer do the members of The New Orleans Brunch Club wish to keep the amazing offerings of brunch in their fine city a secret. We wish to broaden the horizons of all in the New Orleans area, locals and visitors alike, to the amazingness that is brunch.

What started as an excuse to reward ourselves for the hard work done in the past week and to indulge in lively conversation with good friends before the quickly approaching Monday morning, has evolved into an event that each of us has become passionate about and wish we had the time to do more than just once a month. To pacify our growing addiction for more brunch, Alex and I started The NOLA Brunch Blog, a place for us to share our experiences, write brunch reviews, and encourage other brunch lovers to do the same.

On that note, I leave you with our mission statement:
The NOLA Brunch Club is more than just bottomless mimosas (although we do like those) and an excuse to eat. It is about enjoying the friendships that grow and strengthen during that magical meal that occurs between breakfast and lunch. Food should be decadent, mimosas and bloody marys should be frequent, and conversation should be loud. We are the NOLA Brunch Club, and we only bite our food.


Angela Falcone

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