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Brunch at Mayas Restaurant

We ended up at Mayas Restaurant for brunch after walking past their $3 mimosas sign out front. Their brunch is served until 4pm on both Saturdays and Sundays, which is perfect for lazy brunches.

It was around 2pm on a Saturday and the place was mostly empty. There is a bar immediately to the left when you walk in, where it appears servers sit around and chat while it's slow. But, hey, I'm not complaining since our server, who had been there for maybe 3 days, was on top of everything. Since this was his first time serving brunch at Mayas, he was very much deer-in-headlights whenever I asked a question about ingredients or drink specials, but he would quickly run to the back and come back with answers.

We started off with the $3 mimosas and the server brought us chips with some kind of sweet salsa while we waited. It was delicious and unexpected.

Our entrees were not only beautifully plated, but were absolutely delicious. The Mexican Crab Cake came with a fried egg and an avocado habanero sauce. I honestly didn't think the Breakfast Quesadilla would be much to write home about, but boy was I wrong. The sauce alone was worth it. I swear I used every drop that came with it and almost asked for more to bring home to pour on everything.

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