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New Brunch at Toups Meatery

We always get excited when a favorite restaurant announces a brunch menu, and that was definitely the case when we had a chance to experience the innovative brunch menu now being offered at Toups Meatery.

In typical brunch fashion, we began with beverages. I had the delight of trying my first Bloody Ceasar which was a fun departure from the usual offerings of Bloody Mary and Maria. This Caesar was refreshing; there was no making a meal out of this bloody, which was perfect, as there was plenty of room left for the tasty, tasty food. For this Bloody Mary enthusiast, the Caesar was a fun departure from the norm and definitely wins the award for most unique Bloody out there!

Finding innovative takes on staple brunch items is always an treat and Toups Meatery definitely took this task seriously in their offerings. While shrimp fried rice doesn’t seem like it belongs on a brunch menu, definitely do yourself a favor and eat this. All of it. Every last morsel of this decadent dish was an omage to perfection in food form. The crab fat lends a richness that is not frequently found in a rice dish and may have spoiled me forever on how rice should taste.

For the main course, we focused our selections on a very Toups-esque twist of classic brunch items: the boudin benedict and lamb grillades.

The boudin benedict was a delight. The eggs were so perfectly poached it was amazing. Honestly, I’d never seen an egg so well poached. The creaminess of that yolk blended with the house made fried boudin, it’s no wonder that this dish seems to quickly becoming a crowd favorite. Lamb is a meat so rarely seen on a menu that we had to partake. It was cooked to perfect with carrots and offered a great balance to the stone ground grits it sat atop. Take the opportunity to savor this lamb!

Now, I will say, I was left with brunch envy as I watched the french toast sandwich leave the kitchen. It is definitely on my “must try list” for our next visit to Toups Meatery!

Toups Meatery serves brunch on Sundays from 10am to 3pm.

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