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Poydras & Peters

Nestled in the Loews New Orleans Hotel, Poydras & Peters opened after an overnight flip transformed Cafe Adelaide into the sleek and cozy brunch spot that will be the highlight of your day. We were lucky enough to be treated to a brunch at this new spot in the CBD.

Before we get to the food, lets take a second to acknowledge the coffee. It was immediate and ever flowing. If brunching post Saturday night frolics, this is a welcomed treat and late morning lifesaver.

The food at this new brunch spot, which opened in late August 2018, was spot on, blending flavors and colors to make beautiful dishes that engaged the senses.

For starters, we chose the asparagus salad with soft egg and were treated to a taste of the house made beignets with fresh strawberries. The salad was full of bright flavors, the asparagus and shaved La Quercia spec brightened with the creamy egg yolk for a perfect start to a meal that opened the apatite with savory, salty meats and fresh greens. The sweetness of the beignets and strawberries was the perfect pre-meal pairing with the salad. These classic, fried beignets were light and fluffy with just the right amount of powdered sugar. Though the menu mentions that they are served with housemade jams, we received them with cut fresh strawberries and the combination was perfection.

For the main course, we chose the shrimp and tasso three egg omlette and brisket on baguette with mushrooms and choose. You know a meal is good when conversation stops. The food took over the table! The omlette was cooked to perfection, the shrimp perfectly seasoned with the tasso bringing out the right amount of spice to keep the flavors coming. Topped with creme fraiche, the flavors of this Sunday morning classic made it anything but ordinary. Also on our table was the brisket on baguette. Audible sighs of joy were heard with each bite of this sandwich that combined butter soft brisket with cheese and mushrooms. It was so good, I had to steal another bite!

Now, what would brunch be without drinks? Breakfast, that’s what! We kept the drink options simple, a Bloody Mary and a mimosa. While mimosas aren’t typically my thing, my sip of this one showcased a classic, refreshing mimosa. The Bloody Mary I received was perfection - spicy, flavorful and potential meal in itself with the garnishes provided. Bacon, celery, pickles, and olives adorned this creole seasoned rimmed Mary. No commercial mixes here, this house made Mary mix is indeed brag worthy.

If you’re looking for a laid back brunch in a relaxing atmosphere, attentive staff, and food that will leave you satisfied and ready for the day, don’t miss the offerings at Poydras & Peters. This new spot is sure to keep you coming back.

Poydras & Peters serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 1:30pm.

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