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Gracious Bakery

If that salted caramel croissant were a person, I'd consider divorcing my husband because HOT DAMN! (Sorry baby...)

Today, we graciously received a sample box of pastries and doughnuts from Gracious Bakery! Clockwise from top: almond croissant, currant and candied orange scone, vanilla doughnut, salted caramel croissant, key lime danish, with a blueberry compote filled doughnut with maple icing in the center. All of these were delicious and a perfect morning treat! The doughnuts had an amazing consistency and flavor and paired well with the hibiscus tea. Check out their assortment of brunch items while you're there, too! **Disclaimer: We were provided with this sample box of goodies in return for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own and are not influenced by Gracious Bakery and/or its affiliates in any way.**

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