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One Stone

Check out brunch at One Stone in Algiers Point. Go for the food and coffee, stay for the pinball machines. Beware of the baconado - you can add bacon to literally anything on their menu.

I know I've been slacking with brunch lately, mostly due to travel and being on a low carb diet. But I found out that One Stone has this delicious BLT Benedict that's so good it doesn't need a biscuit, so I had to check it out. This Bennie comes with house pickled green tomatoes, a baked egg, Tender Belly bacon, and sauteed arugula, topped with hollandaise with some roasted red potatoes on the side. I ordered mine without the potatoes, and it was amazing. Also pictured is their Algiers Point Cure, with beans, smashed fried potato, braised chopped flank steak, chimichurri salad, and maduiro (caramelized sweet plantain).

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