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Madam's Modern Kitchen + Bar

We were treated to a sneak peak of Madam’s Modern Kitchen + Bar new brunch menu with a group of local bloggers and were wonderfully impressed by the attention to detail in the food offerings by Chef Drew Mills. This new foodery in the B on Canal Hotel offers an infusion of flavors to tickle the fancy of even the pickiest bruncher while creating a welcoming atmosphere not always achieved in hotel restaurants.

We began the meal with their signature Madam’s Bloody Mary. Topped with a sriracha foam, this was indeed a Mary to remember. The ever so slightly sweet tomato mix blended perfectly with the spice of the foam to create an Asian inspired flavor blend that moved away from the typical Mary to offer something a bit more provocative for the palate.

We continued our family style meal with the dulcet tones of jazz duo featuring singer Gabrielle Cavassa, providing sensory pairing with the flavors before us. The Madam’s Grande Plateaux featured a mixture of locally sourced seafood as well as East coast fare, putting Gulf oysters alongside Holy Jesus East coast oysters for a fun taste test comparison.

The seafood feast was followed by a lighter fare of blueberry and cantaloupe salad as well as overnight oats. The fresh salad, featuring vanilla greek yogurt, combined the sweet flavors of cantaloupe and blueberries with the sharper flavors of fresh basil to create a perfect summer salad that was light and refreshing. The flavors presented here were the perfect combination for the sweltering summer day.

The meal moved forward with bite sized versions of their avocado toast featuring sunny side up quail eggs for not only a perfect photo-op, but also the perfect bite.

We finished this sneak peak with a sampling of their signature Madam’s Omelette and Bananas Foster French Toast. The omelette was the perfect finishing to this experience with its black truffle bechamel and thin fried potatoes.

Madam’s Modern Kitchen + Bar will definitely be a place to watch in this newly revitalized area as they bring in the flavors of the local culture while adding some new twists to make them their own.

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